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What is Operation ZERO?

Although Veterans make up only 10 percent of the US population, they account for nearly one in five of all suicides in America. The suicide rate for veterans is nearly double that of the civilian population, and every day, an average of 29 Veterans attempt suicide, 22 of those Veterans die — about one suicide every 65 minutes. However the CDC claims the numbers are much higher. More than 69 percent of all veteran suicides were among those 50 and older. Mental-health professionals say they are likely to be Vietnam veterans who give up on life after their children are out of the house or a longtime marriage falls apart.

The goal is Zero Veterans attempt suicide, hence Operation ZERO

Suicide has become the leading cause of death in the U.S. military—exceeding accidents, car crashes, and even combat.

Historically, the suicide rate in the military has been below the civilian rate. But since the early 2000s, the rate of suicides has been steadily increasing.

Take the pledge!

• I will never quit on my life and those of my fellow Veterans

• Create a Veteran Suicide Prevention representative (VSP) in every chapter, state, region

• Organize other organizations to join under this campaign, such as IAVA, Project 22, the Veteran’s Affairs, the Branches of Service and others to do like POW/MIA did following Vietnam for those who were Prisoners of War and Missing in Action

• Develop products and outreach to Veterans struggling with suicide, eventually paying for crisis training, counseling and housing if possible and needed

• Work to remove the stigmatism that PTSD carries as a title, so that many will turn and ask for help instead of taking their life to ease the pain

• Push for legislation that will help veteran PTSD issues and the struggle with suicidal thoughts.

We’re Veterans who understand the military mindset and training. We are our brother’s keeper and we are here for all Veterans. Sponsored by the Viet nam Vets Legacy Vets MC.

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